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Classical Roman Names March 28, 2006

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While chatting this morning with my cousin he asked if I knew why there seems to be so little similarity between Classical Roman Names and surnames found in Italy today.  He is currently reading "The First Man In Rome" by Colleen McCullough which, as you may know, is almost overbearing in its use of the classical form of historical Roman names.  I didn't really have a good answer so decided to do a little research on the web.  According to Wikipedia, Italian names are mostly derived from Latin, but since Italy has been often ruled by foreigners, many surnames are of Spanish, French, German, Norman or Swiss origin. Another view can be found at the Mayrand Family Association – Meaning and Origin of Names:

In early times, the Romans had only one name. However, they later changed to using three names. The given name stood first and was called a "praenomen." This was followed by the "nomen" which designates the gens, or clan. The last name designates the family and is known as the "cognomen," Some Romans added a fourth name, the "agnomen," to commemorate an illustrious action, or remarkable event.

As the Roman Empire began to decline, family names became confused and single names once again became customary. During the early Middle Ages, people were referred to by a single given name. But gradually the custom of adding another name as a way to distinguish individuals gained popularity. Certain distinct traits became commonly used as a part of this practice. For instance, the place of birth: St. Francis of Assisi; a descriptive characteristic: Lambert Le Tort, an Old French poet whose name means "Lambert the Nisted;" the person's occupation: Piers, Plowman; or the use of the father's name: Leif Ericsson.


Me & Tarpon March 24, 2006

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I guess I will post a few more old photos while I become more familiar with this Bloging thing. This one, as I recall, was taken around 1957 while we were vacationing on Indian Rocks Beach, FL… something we did almost every year back than. I was fishing just offshore on this calm summer morning when a tarpon took the pinfish I had suspended about 3 feet below a bobber. I was using light tackle intending to release any Tarpon I might catch. I learned that day, however, that the long, protracted fight often required to catch a large fish on light tackle can kill the fish anyway… as it did here. That’s me holding the fish. I was really unhappy about killing such a beautiful fish especially one that isn't even eatable. I did make an attempt to revive it but to no avail.

2001 Bahamas Cruise Revisited March 22, 2006

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2001 Bahamas Cruise Map

While browsing through old photos looking for something to test this new (to me) Blog creation thing, I happened upon this photo-map of our 2001 cruise to the Bahamas. I thought it might be interesting to republish the map here and provide a link to my Trip Log written at the time. Perhaps some of you missed it or would just like a refresher. A larger view of the map is available by link at top of the trip log…

Update (03-26-06): I have added a link to this and several more of my Trip Logs on the sidebar.

Success… March 22, 2006

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My first trial was a complete success.  Photo insertion and placement was dead simple.  I did have a minor problem with the photo obscuring some of the text at first, but the ease with which one can edit than view the results allowed me to correct that issue in short order.  I think i will keep it… for a while anyway.

Papa, Kids & Shark March 21, 2006

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This is my first attempt at setting up and using a Blog and as such is really a test-bed. My initial trial will be to insert a photo within this text and see the results.Papa, Kids and Shark
This is an old photo taken in the side yard of my house on Cordova Ave. in Ft. Myers, FL in the early 50’s. Left to right… Tommy, Richard, Bing and Papa. Everyone is looking at a small shark we had caught that day in the Caloosahatchee River just down the street from my house. As I recall, we had set out a hand line (Parachute rope?) overnight in hopes of catching something bigger. On occasion we would see very large sawfish cruising along the seawall there.