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About Me


I am a retired Quality Assurance Engineer from Sypris Electronics / Honeywell.  I live in Land O Lakes, a small community just north of Tampa, FL.  Some of the schools I have attended include; Saint Leo College Prep School, H.B. Plant High School and the University of Florida where I was a member of the Gator Marching Band and the Delta Chi Fraternity.  I also had a tour of duty in the USAF attending the Air Force Electronics School at Keesler AFB in Biloxi before being stationed at McChord AFB in Tacoma. I started working for Honeywell Communication Operations in Tampa after leaving the Air Force in 1965.  My current interests include Ancient History, Computers, Photography, Music and Flyfishing.

You can find me on Google+ at: google.com/+KimbroughOHaver



1. Mike Dailing - January 21, 2007

I AM THE FIRST !!! (comments writer)
(Finally, First at Something in my Life) !

Just a good High School Friend of the Captain, moreso perhaps a very avid fisherman of the seas, I am Rand Dailing known by my boatmates as “Mike”. I have yet to turn the first page here but I can assure anyone reading this that another spectacular (if not boring at times) adventure on the high seas is about to unfold within these ages….. Upon conclusion I shall digress back to here for my final message and thoughts….. Bon voyage !

2. Megan - January 23, 2007

Hey there!! Stumbled upon your page and glad I did. Aside from all the great stories and info you share, I am looking for people with your kind of experience and passion for life (history and present!) to share with others in South Florida and the Caribbean. Please get in touch at your earliest convenience.

3. Kimberly O'Haver - August 22, 2007

Hi Kim.

Several years ago, I think I contacted you. We share a name. You responded and sent me a short history of the O’Haver family. I was in Russia at the time. Do you recall? The story was revealing. Now in NY, I am afraid that I’ve misplaced your email in the move back to the US. Would you happen to still have that? I’d love to get it again. I am just back from vacation in Ireland and trying to figure out how -if at all – we could be Irish. Many thanks.

4. Callie - August 12, 2008

I came across your page while looking for pictures for my grandfather’s birthday album. I was born and raised in Seminole, Florida and my mother and her side of the family are Bahamian. My grandparents used to be the caretakers at Highbornes and I spent many wonderful summers there as a kid. Of course, the Highbornes I remember is much different from your pictures. Funny how we wrongly assume some of those precious things in life will remain unchanged. My grandfather is in the beginning stages of Alzhiemers and I thought a picture album, of places that were important to him, would be a lovely gift. Great pics!!!

5. Evelyn Canzenza (you know me Kim) - February 4, 2011


I accidently found your article or write-up tonight and enjoyed reading it. I worked on my geneology for the Brannens and Parkers for over fifteen years, long before Ancestory.com or any other computer program. Spent many hours at John Germany Library in Tampa, Ozark, AL. Atlanta, GA. and enjoyed it very much.

My Great-great Grandfather was the Judge in Ozark as well as a Primitive Baptist Preacher. He went by horse-back from one area to another. I have a picture of him when he was the Mayor of Ozark. My Grandmother often told me about her family in Ozark, so when I needed to go on a vacation, and no one other than my five year old grandson was available, we went all over Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida exploring cemeteries and libraries. It was fun.

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