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Trans-Canada Trip – 2009 October 5, 2009

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Earlier this year, I was recruited by my cousin Tommy to help move his 36 foot Airstream trailer from where he had been keeping it near Palm Springs to his current home in Tampa, During the planning stage, we decided it would be much more fun and adventuresome if we were not to just travel I-10/I-75 directly to Tampa. Say, something different… like head north then follow the Trans-Canada Highway east to Nova Scotia than continue south hugging the east coast back to Florida.

Mid June, I flew west meeting Tommy in Las Vegas where he and the trailer picked me up on his way to his brother Bing’s house in St. George, UT. After a two week plus visit while waiting for Tommy’s son Danny to receive his passport and join us, we head west where we planned on following the Pacific coast north to British Columbia then on to Novia Scotia. One other person would join us before we leave St. George… Megan. She happened to be visiting Bing and Betty when we arrived and asked if she could possibly tag along for the trip. A final crew is fixed. There are four of us… Tommy, Danny, Megan and me (Kim). A reasonable number considering the size of the trailer and truck (crew cab pickup).

I had hoped to keep a trip log while traveling but failed to do so. I did manage to document our trip with photographs which I have posted as set (album) on my Flickr site. The images are in chronological order and I have annotated a few to establish location. Clicking on the above collage will take you to the album.

One final note regarding this trip- After over 7 weeks on the road and reaching only as far east as mid Ontario, we decided to drop down into Michigan, visit Charlivoix (where both Tommy and I had spent some time when we were kids) then head south back home to Tampa. We will save the 2nd half of the trip for another time. It seems we wanted to spend extra time in almost every place we passed through. There is just too many beautiful vistas in North America and rushing through them without spending time to enjoy just doesn’t satisfy ones craving for adventure, or for just “Being There”.

For those interested, link here for a map of our route.



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