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Back Home… June 18, 2006

Posted by Kim in Bahamas, Cruising, Fishing.

Skyway Bridge

Thursday afternoon, after a smooth run from Cabbage Key near Boca Grande, we tie up at our home port in Tampa around 1600 hrs.  It has been a great month cruising around Florida and the Bahamas but it was time to get home and the sighting of the Skyway Bridge at the entrance of Tampa Bay was a welcome one.  Our overnight stay at Cabbage Key had been enjoyable and we awoke to absolute calm conditions… so calm in fact that we had no problems continuing our journey in the Gulf thereby saving considerable time on this last leg of our journey home.  Before leaving Cabbage Key though, we had a leisurely breakfast and spent some time enjoying the local scenery.  It was very quiet and we were able to observe numerous good sized snook and other fish feeding under the dock while a great white heron was busy trying to capture some of the bait spooked by these fish.  Several ducks also wandered the docks ignoring us as we just enjoyed the early morning activity.  The trip home was uneventful.  While it was very calm, the water was still cloudy and as expected, we saw no feeding fish.  We did observe a pod or "ring" of tarpon offshore from Boca Grande that was interesting.  There must have been a dozen or so fish in it and we were able to bring the boat right along side with bothering them.  We did not bother them but continued our journey home.  I suppose we were just fished out; until next time that is…

Just a reminder – Additional photos of the entire cruise can be found in my photo archive at Flickr also accessable from my sidebar.



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