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The Exumas May 31, 2006

Posted by Kim in Bahamas, Cruising, Fishing.

Part of our daily catch...

We are at Highborne Cay in the Exumas.  Here are some notes from the past couple of days plus a photo.  More photos can be found by visiting my Flickr site from my sidebar:

Tuesday, May30, 2006

We decide to go south to the Exumas today.  Our first stop for fuel is a no-go.  Seems the dock attendant had taken the fuel keys home with him and no one could find the duplicate set.  After waiting a half-hour or so, we move on to the next dock and take on 213 gallons before leaving Nassau Harbor.  We have about a 2 hour run across a shallow bank before reaching the northern end of the Exuma Sound.  The weather is beautiful… almost dead calm.  As we enter the sound and deploy our fishing gear, Tommy spots a bill-fish, heads for it and circles.  Within a few minutes, Ralph hooks, and lands a nice Dolphin.  No sooner do we have the lines back into the water, when there is another strike and I grab the rod.  It’s another nice Dolphin and a fighter at that.  I have him on our smallest rod and get several long runs and jumps before bringing it to the boat where it manages to free itself just before the gaff.  On well… there are more fish out there.  Perhaps we will have better luck with the next one.  As the day goes on, fishing slows.  It is a couple of hours before our next hit and it’s Tommy’s fish.  We are just off Allen Cay and had been zigzagging on and off the drop-off when something big hits.  After a long fight, it turns out to be a giant King Fish… probably close to 50 pounds.  At first we thought it was one of the elusive Wahoo’s we have been trying to catch but it is a King.  That was the last fish before we call it a day.  Tommy calls ahead and makes reservations for a slip at Highborne Cay Club Marina.  After docking, we use their cleaning station to clean the fish.  It is an interesting spot.  Located just at the entrance to their rock enclosed marina the waters around the station are swarming with large Sharks, Jacks and a few large Snapper and Grouper… all looking for a handout.  The trimmings from our cleaning effort create quit a commotion.  The birds have first shot, the Jacks next and if both of those miss it, one of the Sharks usually prevails.  We turn  in early after a supper of Frehitas.  Tomorrow we hope to do better with the fish.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It’s another beautiful day.  Our plan today is to troll back over the waters we tried yesterday and travel back to Nassau this afternoon.  Not long after we clean the Highborne Cut, we have our first fish on.  It is a beautiful Dolphin which we boat after a long fight.  Shortly there after , another strike…  It too is a large Dolphin.  Two fish in the boat and we are less than an hour out of Highborne Cay and the day is early.  We had a second strike at the same time but the fish bit the leader and took our lure.  A short time after this activity, we have another double hookup.  This time we are successful and boat both fish.  These too are very large Dolphin.  We have a dilemma… four fish and only three will fit in the ice cooler.  We decide to head back to Highborne Cay, spend the night and try our luck again tomorrow.  Let me tell you, cleaning four of those big fish is an afternoon’s work.  These are not your little school Dolphin, these are all four monsters.  However, they are all cleaned, vacuum sealed, and in the freezer (which is filling fast).  I save out some of the fish and broil it for supper serving it with baked beans and Texas toast.  Tomorrow we will try again but expect to actually end up in Nassau this time.  Incidently, the Sharks at the cleaning station had a feast too.



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