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We Arrive at Chub Cay May 26, 2006

Posted by Kim in Bahamas, Cruising, Fishing, My Trip Logs.

Yesterday we arrived at Chub Cay in the Berry Islands early afternoon.  The Chub Cay Marina where we usually stay is being renovated including dredging the entrance.  We have had to anchor outside but the weather is good and we had a comfortable night though a bit noisy because of the dredge nearby.  I am posting some notes I made yesterday and will report on our fishing trip today later.  Ralph's computer is the only one that can get online here.  More later…

Wednesday, May24, 2006

After breakfast, we leave Alice Town to spend the day trolling in the Bimini area hoping to hook into a Wahoo or two.  We troll south toward Cat Cay.  It is another beautiful day but the fishing turns out to be slow.  We have trouble deploying our outriggers so we attempt to troll 3 flat lines off the stern.  I rig the center to run deep and short with 48 ounces of lead and run the two outside lines on the surface and long in the hopes of keeping them apart.  It’s not to be though… the outside port line tangles and wraps with the center line giving us a two hour lesson in perfecting our untangling technique.  If this isn’t enough, when the tangle is out and I release the centerline back into the water, it tangles with a piece of floating grass and wraps back upon itself creating another exercise.  A good bit of our fishing time is used in straightening out these snafues.  We do, however, pick up a nice Mackerel of the 6-8 pound category.  I am not completely sure as to its identity but I think it is a Cero though the oval yellow spots on its sides are smaller than I usually see and its back is colored an electric blue similar to what one would expect on a Dolphin.  I am fairly certain it is neither a Spanish nor King.  None the less, it is a beautiful fish and gives Ralph a good fight.  As we slowly troll back towards Bimini for another night, we intercept a distress call from a vessel east of Cat Cay.  After several minutes and no one else answering, Tommy does.  It’s the motor sailor “Bold Pursuit” and it’s dead in the water six miles east of Cat Cay and looking for a tow.  They state that they are a 65 foot, 100 ton, steel-hull vessel and that their single engine “just stopped”.  This seems a little large for the Arcon to try and maneuver near the tricky waters around Cat Cay so Tommy suggests trying to relay the message back to Bimini and possibly better equipped assistance.  At this time we are about to arrive at Bimini and Tommy has no problem arranging for assistance and we loiter outside until both parties are in contact and help is arranged.  Tonight we will try the new Bimini Sands Marina on South Bimini.  It turns out to be a very new and modern operation with numerous slips with floating docks… fifty, sixty or more I would guess.  It is a full service marina with everything from tennis to a small restaurant.  They also claim to have Wi-Fi but we have problems staying online.  Other amenities include showers and a nice swimming pool.  Prices aren’t bad either… $44/night for the Arcon plus $10/night for power. 



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