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We Are In the Bahamas (Bimini) May 24, 2006

Posted by Kim in Bahamas, Cruising, Fishing.

We arrived a couple of days ago but have been staying at a marina that didn't have internet access (Bimini Blue Water). Tonight we decided to try the Bimini Sands Marina on South Bimini where they do have Wi-Fi so I will be posting stuff I jotted down over the past few days.Monday, May 22, 2006

During the night our power generator (gen-set) shuts down for no apparent reason. It is a pleasant evening with very little breeze dieing to almost nothing before daylight. The first thing is to figure out why the gen-set shut down. It is a new unit and this the first time it has really been used. Indication is that the cause of stopping is "under-speed". After starting it up again and once again having it stop, Tommy adjusts its idle speed up a bit and that seems to have cured the problem. While checking this out, Tommy notices a slow oil leak on the oil sensor alarm for the port engine. This is probably the cause of that engine using more oil than does the starboard engine. We will have to find a replacement sensor in the islands. In the meantime we will need to keep our eyes on it.We head out into the Atlantic through Caesar’s Pass around 0900 and it is as calm as I have ever seen it for a Gulf Stream crossing. We have a smooth ride to Bimini arriving around 1400. It takes almost 2 hours to clear customs after which we just hang around the docks. We had planned on doing laundry, but considering "Island Time", it’s a little late for that. Alice Town (main settlement at Bimini) is empty… very few boats are in the harbor which we pretty much have to ourselves. We have no problem getting a berth at Bimini Blue Water Resort. $0.75/ft plus $15/night for electricity and $0.50/gal for water is the going rate. We notice that diesel fuel at the docks is $3.90/gal. This is at least one dollar more per gallon then we were paying in the Keys. After the Bahama Mama’s, we head over to our marina’s hotel for dinner. Ralph has Cracked Conch, Tommy has the Seafood Platter and I choose the Chopped Steak. Food is good but nothing special. Prices are reasonable for Island fair. Tomorrow will be a laundry day so we will probably spend another night in Bimini.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tommy is up early and wakes me as he walks around my bed on his way to the stern and off the boat. (I sleep on the fold-out couch in the salon) It is barely daylight and I try to get back to sleep with no success. Ralph is still asleep as I fold my bed and start the coffee. A look out the window shows a mirror calm harbor. There is not a breath of air moving this morning. Shortly, Ralph joins me and when Tommy returns from his early breakfast, we leave for ours. Afterwards, Ralph rents a golf cart and he and I take our laundry to the only laundry mat at the other end of town. While we do the wash, Tommy replaces the leaking oil sensor with a plug as he is unable to locate a sensor here on Bimini. Until we get a replacement, we will have to closely monitor oil pressure on the port engine. Tommy also tries to rework one of the outriggers but decides to wait until we return to Tampa. As I have indicated earlier, this was to be a down day. After the laundry is folded and stowed, we kick back. We spend part of the afternoon enjoying the nice pool at our marina and then walk down to the Bimini Big Game Fishing Club for supper. It has a nice restaurant/bar located upstairs right on the water next to the docks. Tommy and I order baby back ribs and Ralph has the fried grouper. Everything is great… food, atmosphere and even their choice of music. On our walk back to the boat we chat with some fishermen who say they caught several Wahoo between Bimini and Cat Cay today. We decide we will give that a try tomorrow and either return to Bimini or the marina at Cat Cay tomorrow night.



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