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Fishing off Marathon May 21, 2006

Posted by Kim in Bahamas, Cruising, Fishing.

Marathon Fish Collage

It is late Saturday evening and I am sitting here listning to music relaxing after finishing supper thinking about todays activities.  After breakfast, we pull anchor and head out into the Atlantic to try our luck at a fishing hole called "The Humps" several miles offshore.  We are not the only ones with that idea and this being a Saturday, we have plenty of company when we arrive.  It is a beautiful day with a light breeze… enough to make it comfortable without roughing up the seas.  We see several billfish jump and watch as a few are cought by other boats.  We don't catch one, but do catch saveral Black Fin Tuna and one Dolphin (fish) before trolling back to the save anchorage we used last night.  After cleaning the fish I make the Ropa Vieja I started yesterday and we had a good, though late supper.  It was after dark before I started cooking.  It's midnight as I finish this post and everyone else has gone to bed so I think I will just post a couple of photos we took today and also call it a day.




1. Maurice - May 24, 2006

Oh, Boy! Wish I were with you! Ater losing a crew member, you should have signed on a couple of passengers at $1k each for an adventure into the islands of paradise. Remember, if you hire a diver to replace a prop, make certain he is right-handed. Crossing the stream in half speed astern is bad fuel economy.

2. Fred - May 29, 2006

Kim, only 21 pictures in 11 days? No pictures of your first blue marlin? We need a better record of Bahamas 2006′ !!!!! Ralph, more Bahama Moms’.

Seriously, Your trip sounds great. I like the idea of the instant reporting on the Blog. Keep up the good work.

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